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SystemsAV was founded with the vision that technology should be simple. "If you need a manual to use your system, it wasn't designed right." Systems has the skills to actually build these systems, and the knowledge to make everything work together.


Our vision is less is more. Why does a remote need 35 buttons if 4 will do? We strive to simplify at every step of the design process. Do you really need to know which sound field parameter works for each media source? With Systems this is automated, you pick your iPod and the system automatically sets itself up. No more 5 remotes just to watch AppleTV, just one remote with an AppleTV button.


Technology should be simple to live with. This means in wall speakers that you will love the sound of, that don't stick out like a sore thumb. This also means TV screens and touchpanels that compliment your room not clash with it.


We pride ourselves on the little touches that make things easier. The "goodnight button" on your bedside light switch not only turns off your home's lights, but also turns off any TV's that may have been left on.


Technology should also be simple to acquire. Let us work with your architect, home builder and designer. We understand and have respect for their vision for the final look of the project. We know how to integrate electronics in an unobtrusive manner. "Sure we could fit a 15" touch panel in the kitchen, but it may not look right. Maybe a simple light switch would be a better fit." We are experts at finding the right balance between design and functionality.

Our Founders:

Miles Morin

Miles started his career in the computer industrymany years ago. Seeing the need for his expertise in the Audio Video and Control industries Miles made the move to a major electronics distributor in 1998. As the National Brand Manager for a major electronics wholesaler, Miles was responsible for finding new brands as well as knowing how to make everything work together.  Miles was also responsible for teaching other integrators across Canada how to install and integrate those brands.


Ryan Sontowski

Ryan has over 35 years of experience in the Audio Video and Fabrication industry. During this time Ryan has managed many high profile electronics installation specialty retailers including: 2001 Sound Center, Speaker City, and Heavy Metal Motorsports. Ryan has received many awards for his custom audio video creations.

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